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CODA Online Store
Coda Monoboards(monoskis), Snowboards, Skis, and Topsheets
What is the relationship between Yama and Coda?

        Until the close of the 2006/2007 North American ski season, our Ridgecrest, California lab operated under the name of the "Yama Board and Ski Company" which was founded in the 1980s by Michael Lish.  Coda president Chad Houck began his association with Yama in 1991 as a monoski customer and began participating in fabrication a few years later.  In 2005, Chad took over Yama production operations with the establishment of our Ridgecrest facility and the launch of Internet sales.  Increased sales soon pushed production capacity limits, and, in May 2007 plans to improve the Ridgecrest lab coincided with the necessity of re-christening the company "Coda" due to licensing issues regarding the name "Yama".
      Coda Custom Boards and Skis.  Our fabrication process has not changed, and someone searching for a Yama Carving Tool will find the same deck and cable inside the graphics of a Coda V series board.

Are Coda V series boards the same as last year's Yama Carving Tools?

        Yes, with different graphics.  Coda has also expanded on the original Yama design to offer longer boards, wider boards, and Junior boards.    (Back to top)
Does CODA make custom freestyle snowboards?

        Yes!  By special order.  Make a special order request on our Modification Request Form to inquire about freestyle snowboard orders.   (Back to top)
Does CODA make custom snow skis?

        Yes!  By special order.  Make a special order request on our Modification Request Form to inquire about custom snow ski orders.   (Back to top)
What shipping options does CODA offer?

        All CODA orders are shipped by Federal Express, worldwide.  Configure with the shipping calculator during checkout.  International customers, please contact us for other options.  (Back to top)
What is the CODA order process?  How do I order a CODA custom board?

  First, decide upon your graphics selection.
To choose from a a selection of completed designs, visit the CODA Select gallery page.

To completely design your own graphic, visit the DIY Graphics page for design requirements, instructions, and templates.  You may mail us designs on a disc, or upload them after checkout.

      After finalizing your graphics selection, choose your board model from the monoboard or snowboard page.  Use the configuration button start configuring your purchase in the CODA online store.  Configure your board, indicating the model, graphics selection, and your various preferences.  If you designed your own graphic, then choose "CUSTOM" as your graphics selection.  Add the board to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.  Configure your CODA purchase account information with our secure server and proceed through Paypal checkout.
      After completing payment, Paypal will redirect you to the CODA Graphics Upload Form.  If you have completed your purchase, but wish to complete your custom graphics upload later, then you can reach the graphics upload portal by selecting the Graphics Upload link from the left sidebar of any page on this website.
      Following your successful purchase and optional upload, we will review your design for any fabrication or name branding issues and contact you by email, should any be found.  Otherwise, once built, your CODA custom board order will ship to you by theFederal Express shipping option you select during checkout.
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I like a CODA select design, but may I alter it in certain ways?

        Yes!  Use our Modification Request Form to contact us about performing alterations for you, or, you may also request access to our original Photoshop files so that you can play with the design, yourself.   (Back to top)
Are there any special offers, sales, or discounts?

      We have coupons, redeemable in our online shop.  Keep an eye out.  If you see someone on the mountain riding a CODA board, ask him for a coupon.  Past customers may have referral coupons with them, and CODA team riders may have other promotional materials, as well as coupons, with them while they carve the Mountain.  We particularly like Mammoth Mountain, in California.   (Back to top)

What is Cafepress and why is CODA using them? is the print-at-purchase fabricating service to which we are outsourcing fabrication of CODA branded shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and other merchandise graphically designed by CODA designers, but made available by Cafepress.  By outsourcing our promotional materials this way, we can offer a far greater variety of CODA pride gear than we ever have in the past.Take a look!
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What does " CODA " mean?   What is this  coda symbol  symbol?

        Coda is a term from musical notation, like a treble or bass clef.  The literal translation of "coda" from Italian is "tail" or "end." 
      The coda portion of a musical sonata or variation composition is usually the conclusion of the piece, as it is in a literary or dramatic work.  When writing music, the composer designates a sequence of measures as the coda, a structural element that presents a stylistic conclusion to the composition.
      In the conventions of musical notation that first spread to common usage during the 1500's, the coda symbol, " coda symbol " functions as a navigation marker.  It appears printed above the treble staves to indicate the exit point from a series of repeated measures.  The coda symbol also often appears with the note "jump to coda" indicating that the musician should skip forward in the piece to wherever he finds the next coda symbol.  It's like a sort of bookmark.
coda symbol "  means "coda"
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