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Coda Monoboards(monoskis), Snowboards, Skis, and Topsheets
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We love to hear about your CODA experience.  Here are a few of the messages customers have sent to us regarding the CODA lineup and services.


Topsheet Service

I have ordered some custom topsheets and printed base material from CODA for my personal ski building and have been very happy with the quality and turnaround time!  Good job!
-Cody Jenkins

Excellent all around service! Quick response on the initial order, quick order turn around and quality graphics showed up.  My boards look professional thanks to Coda graphics.
-Adam Browning

I wanted to show you some shots of the finished product using your topsheets.  Check them out here: forum
I've been super stoked on the results and plan on purchasing more very soon.  Thanks again.

Hey Chad, Your Topsheets are so nice. The service you offer is top notch,
thank you for all your quick responses and turn around. It is nice to do
business with people who do what they say. Looking forward to do business in
the future.

I had some Coda custom graphics done for some Promotional skis that were made.  The turn around time was more than I could have ever hoped.  The graphics ended up stupendous, however on my first inspection I was hesitant.  My inexperience to graphic design and sublimation was proven upon the creation of the final product.  I had made a call and was responded to very quickly with a return call where Chad spent a long time with me explaing all the possible details and proceses.  It is so very rare to get that type of personal customer service from such an open person in todays intenet buisness.  This really is a top notch service provided by great people in such a niche industry where material acquisition can be difficult and custom orders are what keeps manufacturing closer to home.
I highly recommend and will continue to use Coda graphics sublimation and service for as long as I can.
-Robert Morgan
Bozeman, MT

I have placed a couple orders from you in the past two years. Your sublimation printing has been a very great addition to my home built skis. The printing is equal to the quality of skis you will find made by any manufacturer out there. I am hoping to get my company Mantis Skis off the ground next year with the help of Never Summer Industries and I still would like to use your sublimation printed topsheets to get my prototype skis out for testing with my graphics. It has been a very useful tool for us to build, ride, and then get feedback on the hill from people on our graphic designs. It has really allowed me to play around with the graphics to better the total ski design prior to full blown manufacturing of a model.
If I could also add compliments to your ability to print base graphics as well this year. The base graphics you have printed for me have been awesome and we are really stoked to add this to our line up. Thanks for the awesome response and shipment speed. Coda Boards has been top notch for helping me get off the ground and I look forward to grow with you guys as I move forward in this venture.

Jamie Grose
Mantis Skis

I ordered a custom top sheet for some new skis I was building.  This was my first pair to have professionally printed graphics.  What a difference it makes!

The customer service I received was outstanding.  I had a few questions before ordering and Chad was very helpful in getting everything dialed before I uploaded the file.

The turnaround time is super fast.  Get ready for layup because your new graphics will be at your doorstep before you know it.

If you are looking for an outstanding custom graphic at a reasonable price, CODA is the answer.

Dave Doherty


Sideways Snowboard

Hey Chad,

Just wanted to give you a quick riding impression update. Had a few very fun runs with the Sideways board in freestyle setup (+18 front/ -9 rear) and I gotta say that it is a total blast. I was still a little worn out from yesterday, so I didn't go too crazy, but it is a very confidence inspiring board.

I did a quick run down miracle mile just to see how it felt, and it's really great just skidding around and relaxing. As planted as the tail seems when pushed, I was surprised how easy it was to just flick it around in the steeps. I really thought that the tail would catch or be hard to manhandle, but it came around very easy. Then when you put it on edge it just sticks. It really seems to go against the norm that a longish/stiff board is hard to just play around on.

The other thing I noticed is how well it seems to jump. Again, I took it easy overall, but it's very stable coming up to and off the lip. After a few smallish tabletops I did get a little cocky and took it off a pretty big one (big being a relative term, none of these 60' gaps or anything). I've never felt totaly comfortable jumping on my other board (likely due to me tightening the boots so stiff for carving making it overly touchy), but to use the words confidence inspiring again, your board made me push it a bit more than normal. Unfortunately they changed the face on this particular jump from the last time I did it a few days ago and lets just say I'm glad I was wearing a helmet. I ended up going pretty much vertical and came down the same way. I collected myself and went back up to do a couple of more runs. Little lesson here kids, check out a jump before you "go for it".

I took it down the steep and icy moguly section just before you get to the far east side of the hill (near lift 7) to see how it does there, and to no surprise it felt great. Something about the edge/sidecut/stiffness of the board, but I can't get over how well it holds an edge. I can load up the back and it just holds, and when you want to release the energy it does so in a very predictable manner.

Lastly I did some straightlining just to reafirm what I found the first day I rode it. It simply rips!! It's always hard to know just how fast you are going when you're by yourself, there is no way to gauge if what you feel is any faster than anyone else would go down a given run. I was able to catch up with a couple of guys that looked like they were hauling when I saw them from the ski lift. I ended up blowing by them on one of the steeper pitches (and they were not skidding). Since the board was so predictable and stable on edge, I simply let it run. Even though it wasn't the smoothest terrain (caught a couple of unexpected airs), I never felt like "Oh crap, this thing is gonna pitch me any moment". Since I don't really do any park type riding (rails, walls etc) I can't give you a report on that, but I can ollie it pretty well thanks to that tail.

Before I rode your board I rode the Coil again and just couldn't get that tail to stick heelside, whereas yours just stuck even with the freestyle softie setup. I can really lean back on my back foot on your board and feel the hold, but the Coil just kept skidding out. I'm sure a lot of that is my technique and Aaron will come up this week to ride with me and reafirm that, but I want that board to feel like yours. I went as far as measuring the binding setback on your board and copying that to the Coil. It appears that your's has a 3/4 inch setback from the center, and the Coil was set up as dead even. Maybe that will make a difference, but I didn't have a chance to try it out today, but I will tomorrow.

I did have quite a few people make comments and inquire about the board and the custom graphics. When I told them about it they were very interested in the ability to have the freedom to put just about any graphic of their liking on a board. A guy said "man, thats a long ass board, bet it's a pain in thight the stuff". When we got to the top we rode down together for just a little bit so I could show him how easy it is to to turn - he was quickly proven wrong. Then I left his little twitchy board in my dust as I rocketed away, gotta love it 8-).

Will keep you posted.

Thanks again, -Mike


Sidecarve Carving Snowboard

The board that I had the most interest in was the one shown V-O XL Sidecarve. According to the CODA website this board measures 185 cm, 19.5 cm waist and a 10 meter sidecut. The dimensions of this board, especially the sidecut were the things that interested me the most. I normally ride longer boards as I am a bigger guy, 6' 02" 190 lbs. so the length wasn't a concern.

I mounted my Cateks at 63/58 angles to eliminate boot out, tightened everything up and made for the ski lift. There were a smattering of comments while walking to the lift with this unique looking board. For the first run I wasn't pushing the pace much, just doing some smear turns to get a feel for the board. I tried a few hard carves on the first steep pitch I encountered and the board responded well, easy turn initiation without jumping on the nose at all. Once up on edge, the board took a set and stayed there until my turn out of the fall line was completed. It was very predictable, felt good.

We changed to another run on our mountain where it is less crowded and you can open things up a bit. With just a few turns on the previous run that felt comfortable I decided to give her a testing on this run. Look over my shoulder to see if anyone is coming and I let her go. The board responded well under my feet. I rolled it over on its edge and let that 10 meter sidecut do its thing. I normally ride a 185 cm board with a 16 meter sidecut, the V-0 with its much smaller sidecut radius carved much tighter than what I am used to but didn't surprise me at all. A confidence inspiring board so far.

I have never ridden a splittail design board before so I didn't know what to expect out of the tail. Chad, uses a design where the split goes up to approx. where the rear mounting plate of the binding ends. To keep the tails from scissoring too far apart, Chad uses a cable to limit the deflexion of each tail. Though I couldn't see the tails of the board while I was riding I knew that they were definitely flexing back there. One thing I did notice, my boards seem to have a bit of pop exiting the turn. The V-O with its splittail design reduces some of that stored energy, not that it's a bad thing just something I noticed.

Every run I took the board just seemed to get better, now that I had a few more runs I started changing my COG to see if I could make the board hiccup. An exaggeratd forward weight shift to see if I could make the nose hook didn't upset the board at all, just turned a tighter radius is all. The tail going through the same arc that the nose just did. I was never able to get the tail of the board to slide out, although another rider on the V-O 170cm spoke of having this happen to him.

There is one particular run at our resort that is a narrow (60 feet wide) chute that I have trouble carving with my 16 meter scr board. I wante to see how this board did down that run. I was able to complete 12-15 carves within the space of that run. Edge change was very quick and the drop off and embankment on either side of the run was not a concern.

I rode this board for approximately 2 1/2 hours and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. This board was built with CODA's standard layup (no metal) and it felt very damp. The other board that Arclite and rus 11 used was built with metal(titanal) but only in the front section of the board. I will be eagerly awaiting try out that model.

I hope others here can ride one of CODA's boards, I think you will be impressed, like I was after riding this board.

-Aaron Gerth

The VO is 170cm long, 19.5 wide, with a 10m sidecut.

Was an amazing ride!
Lots of pop and spring to the board.
Would hop between carves if you let it.
You can really lay down your carves and make some deep ruts!


Dec 26, 2009 - Chad was at Cypress today and brought his toys!

185 wasn't available, but I played for about 3 hours on the V0 170/19.5/10, one of Chad s first prototypes. I rode it with Snowpro bindings and about 18" stance (biggest I could get). This was narrower then I've ever ridden, but this early proto was built for Chad himself, who likes super narrow stance.

Conditions were sunny and warm, frozen cord in the morning, then later thin melted layer on top of solid base, then some portions completely softened with mini bumps.
I rode it mostly on a wide blue run, except for one run down a black diamond that had so many exposed rocks that I just couldn't let the board go fly.

Board proved to be very versatile, holding nice edge on hard surface, cruising slush with ease and almost effortless to do small quick cross-under turns through baby-bumps. I wish I had some pow to test the float too!
Initiation is more abrupt and snappier then on my metal boards (I'm spoiled), but finish can be quite nimble of the tail, when wanted. Then, I could also get wild pop for 1" airborne transitions when I pushed hard and let the energy release.
Edge hold is very good. I noticed the tail and nose not carving the same arc all the time, but not skidding. This was probably due to me not being used to the split tail design and struggling a bit with weight distribution. Nose is just a tad too stiff for real EC, it would start skipping a bit on full lay down. However, that's really nice when you just want to hammer on it race style!
Board would do sweeping arcs, but I loved it way more in the wild  mode, rushing the turn as much as possible, combining with few unfinished zig-zags, few cross-unders followed by big cross-over-pop transitions. I thought that kind of riding was more in the spirit of 10m SCR. I had a sneak preview of videos taken by Roy, boy oh boy, was my riding ugly with all the arm flapping, but I had huge fun! Chad was really smooth on his monoboard. He took some follow  vids, too.
I tried one run with freestyle elements, a bit of spinning and switch riding. In the beginning I was worried about the cable on the tails catching something, or split tail digging in and braking, but nope, board happily carved switch. Apparently, the newer ones have a bit more tail upturn, so they should perform even better.

Structurally, it looked very sound. Capped construction with relatively thick core, tapering at about 45 towards the edges, in transverse direction. Longitudinally, the nose has traditional core taper, but none in the tails  they get their flex pattern from the widening of the split towards the tail.
I did one really high airborne transition, changed the direction of travel about 15deg towards the fall line in the air and landed into hard hooked carve, more of the tail. Board just happily picked up carved a beautiful sharp arc. It certainly passed the tail durability test in my books. Now, if someone wants to freeride this thing and tail-land the cliff drops, that s his own problem &

As for the possible improvements, I would love to see gentler nose rise, even if it ended lower to the snow and a bit of nose de-camber. Metal version is already in existence, but I can't comment on it as I didn't ride it. I didn't feel need for the taper and the split tail seemed to take care of the similar role.

Zipper graphic is simply coolest idea for the split-tail design!

Well, big thanks to Chad for visiting our neck of woods and lending his toys. Keep up good work buddy! I'm looking forward to riding with you again and trying the metal versions. I hope that we would have more snow in the spring, to show you whole Cypress instead of just one run.


It was my turn to try a CODA BOARD today and i'm glad i did, very nice board, not to mention the cool factor between shape and graphics, anyway the model i tried is the V-2-10 (the wider version) 170 cm. long 21.5 waist, the demo model only allowed me 18.5" maximum stance (i normally ride 20-20.5) and that felt a little weird at first but as i got used to it i actually forgot about it, with each run it felt better and i pushed it harder, mind you i'm not a very aggressive rider and i'm an intermediate at best but i am 220 lbs and the board handled my weight easy and the edge hold was great and the snow was pretty icy, very quick edge to edge and easy to cross-under (one of my favorite things to do on not so steep runs) the board can turn very tight but you can also let it run and make bigger turns, you can slide out of the carve if you need to or let it carve uphill if you want to, easy to handle and confidence inspiring, a couple of time i thought i was going to loose it (due to my not so perfect technique) but the edge engaged and held me through the turn, at the beginning of a day when i tried to turn too quick or too abruptly the tail bounced a couple of times and then it dug in and it was smooth sailing, that's because the cable in the tail has to engage to hold the edge like it's supposed to, i guess if you start the turn gradually it build tension in the cable (i think it makes the tail stiffer but ask Chad to make sure) and that's what gives you the insane edge hold
personally i would like a wider stance but the board likes to be ridden in the middle (no need to drive the nose so much) and that was a prototype that he made a couple of years ago, don't worry about the stance if you think of getting one Chad can build it to your needs, if you have a chance to try one you should, be ready for a lot of questions on the lift lines and every time you stop
overall a great board from a local board builder, Chad himself makes every single one of them, thanks for coming to snow summit next time i'll probably see you in mammoth

-Andrea (AKA carvingchef)

I also got a chance to try out the Coda V-O Sidecarve(3 yr old proto). I'm 125lb 5'7"(lightest of our group to try the Coda).
My boards that I have been on this season are a F2 Silberfiel, a Madd 158(newer one), and a Generics 156. Besides looking cool the Coda just works. The tail had incredible edge hold that made it feel like I was riding on hero snow all the time, It made riding on hard snow easy. I switched to my Generics at about 10:30 and found the snow not too forgiving and I had to work much harder on my turns. The Coda is not as fast edge to edge as the Madd and may have a little less pop but works better on hard snow.
It was fun with 3 or 4 of us on these boards in the lift lines. I may have to be one of the 1st to buy one of these!
Thanks again Chad!



Sidewinder Monoski


I finally tried the new Sidewinder and I've got to say I'm impressed. Damper than I thought it would be, actually felt quite nice under foot.

Turning radius I liked, torsional stiffness I liked.

Good ski overall...

What I think the problem is that makes it feel a little weird... First is the bindings, they flex a ton for and aft, laterally they felt ok, but the plates really tweak.

The flex feels too soft under foot to me and the ends too stiff. It really digs but we were in slush most of the time so it was easy to break the turn. When I hit hard stuff the tip really dug and would throw me and the tail would dig and track me not so much through the carve... Im still off on deciding exactly what it is? Shape great! Flex off a little bit, very Coda carvingesque so it depends what you want the Sidewinder to be.

I think you could get the new Sidewinder into more of the other monoskiers hands if the flex pattern was changed to be stiffer under foot and softer in the ends. Carvability is great, but if you want to appeal to all the people that aren't into the Carving Codas, the flex change could bring more people into your boards. Love the topsheet graphics in regards to cleanliness!

Way to go Chad!  Much better than I was expecting... the feel under foot is what I was most impressed by, the dampness feels really good and was nice to my knees.
-Scott Gordon


V Series Monoboards

Thanks for providing a fun alternative board to the typical ski or snowboard.  I've really enjoyed the quality, imagination and thought put into the Coda boards.  Every ride is exciting and I'm always looking for just one more run.  The carving ability of these boards is uncanny if you can just get your mind to accept the edge hold these boards have.  I really like that you can ski two different styles (old monoski or deep trench carving) depending on your need or desire.  This board is truly the cutting edge of monoskis today.  I know that because I've been on monoskis for 35 years.
David E Abblett, DC

Hello Chad and Coda Boards,

I was just in Bellingham Washington visiting the inlaws for Christmas.... and sneaking out to Mount Baker for two days. And man were they two most excellent knee to waste deep powder days. Hot damn this thing works as advertised in the deep. The tip stays up in the fluff and you point your knees where you want it to go. No intimidation at the prospect of deep snow was even present after two turns from the top of chair 8 to start the first day. And that says a lot to someone from western NY who very rarely skis true deep powder. I had an absolute blast in the steeper stuff and trees off of chair 6 down into the canyon and loved carving some deep turns back to the lodge area. After Baker, its coming with me out to Whistler next year and anywhere else beyond that.

On the stuff I usually ride, this board has had me glued to it for all of last season and probably another for this season too. I'll get two sticks out at least once in the future, but fail to be compelled with the way this thing flies. It eats up anything and everything. In the technical stuff, just keep it effortlessly turning. In the wide open spaces, lay long smooth arcs through the snow leaned way way over. I just can't get enough of it. This is by far the best toy I have ever owned and renewed a whole new vigor in my enthusiasm to get out in any weather when I can. We do get our share of snow off the lakes, but also get our share of rime, ice, cookies, sugar, brown sugar, flour, rice, mash potatoes, just mixed cement, just set cement, concrete, etc. It handles it all. In fact, after a full season, the beginning of this season, and finally a trip out west I can say that I feel as confident on this board as I would with 23 years of experience on skis.

I am trying to spread the word. The questions are non-stop: "What is it?" "Who makes it?" "Where can I find info about it?" and most importantly by far, "Is that thing hard to ride on, it must be?" On the latter, I try so hard to explain that the Coda Board is so damn simple and easy, especially when compared to having to not cross your tips and blow your ACL out. It's an intimidating thing to see, static or in motion, but people have to know the truth in its ease of riding. Many people seem to see it as being a leap of faith to get on one, so I look forward someday soon to buying another (maybe bigger, V-2-10?) so the first Coda board can be a personal "demo" amongst friends to spread the word that this shouldn't be a "fringe" sport.

And I have to add that the experience of ordering and receiving the board were fantastic. Chad's direct communication on the status of the order and the production of the board itself were superior to any experience I have had before when purchasing a product online. It showed that Coda Boards cares deeply about there product, not selling anyone a purely profit driven piece of merchandise, but rather facilitating someone's getting the key to carving bliss. I hope in the near future, in my neck of the woods, I see others enjoying the carving, the lower stress on joints and muscles, the maneuverability, and the fun on Coda Boards. Sadly for now, I'm the only one in my neck of the woods, but word is spreading as fast as I can get it out there.

A big thanks to Coda Boards and Chad for an awesome product from an awesome company.

 Thanks again,
-John Ames (12/29/10)

I have been on my Tool for 2 years now. I'm never going back. My Volkls have not seen the sun in 2 years. The coolness factor is enough to get you hooked all by itself. The skiers call it a board, the boarders call it a ski-- no one knows exactly what to make of it. It looks insane with the tail cable and the swallowtail and the super aggressive sidecut. It's balls out all the way!

The real prize is the performance and the feel. It's like powdered Zen! Nothing can touch it. I'm an old school glue shoe skier and this thing has such a natural feel its incredible! I jumped on it, clicked in and was riding it like I'd been on it my whole life within a couple runs. It's lightning quick edge to edge, carves hard and deep when you want to, never chatters, it's wicked in the bumps and very kind to your knees. And by the way, the transition from using the inside edge on the outside foot to turn to the outside edge of the inside foot is super easy and in many ways more natural feeling.

The most fun you can have in the snow!

-Jason Goebel
Nitro, WV

I've only had a few chances to try my new Coda board yet, but so far I love it! Easy handling, good maneuverability, no problem to get carving turns. Also old style wash out turns without problems if you still want them :-) Only drawback might be high speed? As I said, haven't had they chance to try it out thoroughly, but the feeling is that it's not the fastest ski in the slope and not the most stable ski for a downhill race.  But it's hard to get everything in one ski I guess.
I also love the fact that you get a unique design. Especially the possibility to DYI graphichs. Great service where I got the chance to redo my design after a minor mistake from my side. Only complaint is that it's actually as hard as it says to place the graphics exactly where you want, e.g. centered on the tails. Some mismatch between design and production I guess (shrinking etc?).
Keep up the good work!

/Göran, Sweden (12/29/10)

Based on a week at Madonna di Campliglio in the Italian Dolomites, three days ago.

At first I was a little concerned, as the board is so different to the many I have owned of twenty years. But I decided to just rip it and give is a go!
To start with, I found on piste, on long run outs, it was hard to run straight and seemed to want to turn.
But as time went by, I got more used to it.
To be fair the wide V tail seemed to give more stability when running straight and fast. (I do not agree with whoever suggested it was not quick). Plenty fast enough for me.

When turning if gave a much quicker turn and good grip (edges like razors helped!).
In powder, I did notice the tip rides higher.

I removed the tail wire after three days (just to see) and things felt better to me, softer turn I would describe it as.
I am off to Austria next month and have no hesitation in taking the Coda again, THAT has to be testament to Chad's work?
I can say, that in Italy, I quickly became a celebrity, my old mono caused stares, this one caused consternation in lift lines and anywhere I stopped - it just looks so RADICAL!

The Bomber Elite 2 bindings worked well, but I will need some practice getting in and out quickly, after years of normal release versions, but again, this just adds to the intrigue for me and observers.
Carving will take some work, as the snow was very compact and my technique need polishing.

Great job Chad

From one very satisfied customer!

David Regan (3/1/11)

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