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CODA Online Store
Coda Monoboards(monoskis), Snowboards, Skis, and Topsheets

DIY Graphic Templates

The following files contain CODA board templates at 300 dpi.  Use your image editor to resize the templates if you would like to prepare your graphic at a different resolution.

For board templates, the following chart offers photoshop ".psd" templates and ".gif" image outlines. For faster downloads, the photoshop templates are compressed into self-extracting rar archives.  Just run or double-click the ".exe" template file to extract the photoshop ".psd" file that is approximately twice the file size.

The V-J photoshop template contains layered templates for all board length options.  The V-J ".gif" templates are separated into individual files, according to length option.

These are large images, and may effect your computer's performance  If this happens to you, decrease the image size.

  Click on a file name to download.
model photoshop (.psd), archived .gif image
V-0 v_0.exe  (19mb) v_0.gif  (791kb)
V-0-XL v_0_xl.exe  (19mb) v_0_xl.gif  (822kb)
V-2-10 v_2_10.exe  (19mb) v_2_10.gif  (799kb)
V-2-SM v_2_sm.exe  (19mb) v_2_sm_gif  (773kb)
V-J v_J.exe  (2mb) v_J_108.gif v_J_110.gif
v_J_115.gif v_J_120.gif
v_J_125.gif v_J_130.gif
v_J_135.gif v_J_140.gif
Branding:      In most circumstances, we ask that CODA name branding appear on the boards and skis we fabricate.  Our logos, which are not required, but are available to use in your design, include the CODA monocarver, snowboard carver, and ski carver insignias, as well as the coda symbol:
monocarversnowboard carverski carver coda symbol
FAQ:  What does the coda symbol mean?
       The links below offer some various CODA name options plus the CODA logos for use in your custom design.  By using the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or encapsulated postscript (.eps) vector graphic files you may avoid pixilation during resizing.  We've also provided simple ".gif" images for customers who might have compatibility issues with the other formats.
     While we have no objection to you designing your own version of the CODA name, we reserve the right to reject any alterations to representation of the CODA name, for our protection.  Please try us, though.  Personal customization is the heart of CODA.
     If you do not incorporate the CODA name into your design, then we'll probably contact you inquiring after your preferred placement of our branding.  It is acceptable to leave the work of adding the branding up to us.  Just describe your branding placement preferences in the "instructions/comments" field of the upload page form.

     If you are placing a custom topsheet-only order, then CODA branding is not necessary, as you won't be building a CODA board.

monocarver .ai (378k) .psd (295k) .eps (3m) .gif (10k)
snowboard carver .ai (380k) .psd (352k) .eps (3m) .gif (11k)
ski carver .ai (383k) .psd (421k) .eps (3m) .gif (12k)
coda symbol 1 coda symbol 1 .ai (48k) .eps (401k) .gif (1k)
coda symbol 2 coda symbol 2 .ai (48k) .eps (421k) .gif (4k)
coda basic coda basic .ai (161k) .eps (442k) .gif (3k)
coda impact coda impact .ai (180k) .eps (464k) .gif (2k)
coda medieval 1 coda medieval 1 .ai (491k) .eps (391k) .gif (2.5k)
coda medieval 2 coda medieval 2 .ai (220k) .eps (737k) .gif (9.6k)
coda medieval 2b coda medieval 2b .ai (157k) .eps (509k) .gif (5.5k)
coda medieval 3 coda medieval 3 .ai (505k) .eps (423k) .gif (4.4k)
coda medieval 4 coda medieval 4 .ai (490k) .eps (370k) .gif (2.5k)
coda medieval 5 coda medieval 5 .ai (489k) .eps (387k) .gif (3k)
coda medieval 6 coda medieval 6 .ai (203k) .eps (511k) .gif (4.2k)
coda mesquite coda mesquite .ai (186k) .eps (477k) .gif (2.7k)
coda slash coda slash .ai (513k) .eps (423k) .gif (2.2k)
coda smooth coda smooth .ai (115k) .eps (398k) .gif (3.7k)
coda standard 1 coda standard 1 .ai (119k) .eps (497k) .gif (4.5k)
coda standard 2 coda standard 2 .ai (116k) .eps (384k) .gif (2.2k)
coda tech 1 coda tech 1 .ai (483k) .eps (375k) .gif (3k)
coda whip 1 coda whip 1 .ai (251k) .eps (654k) .gif (5.4k)
coda whip 2 coda whip 2 .ai (184k) .eps (479k) .gif (2.4k)

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