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Coda Monoboards(monoskis), Snowboards, Skis, and Topsheets


There is no one else in north America who offers a Skwall type board as a part of their product line up.  In fact there are only really two makers of this type of board in Europe.  We took the V0-XL and cut out the middle to make a super skinny board that is meant to be ridden like a slalom waterski!  Unlike a snowboard, feet and body face forward.  Unlike a monoski, feet stand one before the other.

Please be sure to visit our graphics section before configuring your board.  Customize both deck and base graphics--the top and bottom of your board.  Whether you choose a finished graphic from the CODA Select gallery offerings, or choose to design your own graphic, you will need to indicate your choice during checkout.  Graphic uploads occur after completion of your purchase, or at your convenience using our graphics upload page.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any details or concerns regarding your graphics setup.

All CODA skis and boards are individually hand-crafted after you place your order.  Some minor cosmetic blemishes do occasionally surface from this hands-on process.

the Edge in-line board the EDGE
buy phoenix
Available in gloss, matte, & textured.

The Edge skwall view 1The Edge skwall view2the Edge skwall view3

•  10 meter sidecut radius
•  185 cm. length
•  21.5 cm. across at the tip and tail
•  13.8 cm. across at the bindings.

   * skwall bindgings not included.  see the bomber online to purchase. *

     Tested by tournament water skiers, this board was given great reviews as a way to take boring blue slopes and turn them into the best part of any mountain.  You will need Skwall bindings that can be purchased through the Bomber website.
     Constructed with horizontal laminate wood cores, 22 oz triax glass, aluminum alloy dampening in the tips and tails, and with the CODA hybrid cap/sidewall construction.








Sandwich with Cap/Sidewall hybrid.  Cores are shaped with a 45 degree chamfer and then 2mm thick strips of UHMW are attached along the sides.  This gives the sides of CODA skis and boards a unique shape that minimizes the wear and tear of side impacts while giving the strength of traditional sidewall sandwich construction.

DyeSublimated PBT

Two layers of 22oz triaxial fiberglass, one above and one below the wood core.  Carbon stingers can be added as a modification, by request.

Metal dampening is standard in the nose of every CODA board.  A section of perforated aluminum alloy placed between the wood core and the top layer of fiber glass enhances the dampening of the board while retaining the pop and responsiveness innate to all glass boards.

Vertically laminated birch. V-0 is 1/2 inch thick under foot.  V-0-XL and V-2-10 are 3/8 inch think under foot.  All cores are cut and profiled on our CNC machine.

Steel 6mm inserts that are fitted from the bottom of the cores to to provide maximum protection from pulling out.

DuraSurf UHMW-PE sintered base materials.

Steel edges that wrap around the tips and tails of all models except those with the CODA Deep V tail.


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