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CODA Online Store
Coda Monoboards(monoskis), Snowboards, Skis, and Topsheets

If you have been studying how to build your own snowboard or skis from websites like or, then you have read about using your own custom graphic topsheets and base graphics.  There are only a couple places on the web to get your own topsheets, and CODA is one of them.

If there are no issues with your graphics file, then the turn-around time from the time we receive your graphic to the time we ship it is about 3 days for topsheets and 4 for base graphics.  Also, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions while prepping your graphic or if you have trouble with the upload form.  Often, restrictions imposed by customers' internet service providers cause browser-based uploading to fail.  In such cases, we configure a secure ftp file transfer specifically for you.

Graphic uploads occur after completion of your purchase, or at your convenience using our graphics upload page.  Bulk orders receive a quantity discount as listed on the order configuration page.

Custom Topsheets Custom TopsheetsAll CODA custom board or ski graphics are dye-sublimated on a white, press-ready topsheet material that is industry standard.  Available in Gloss, Matte, and Textured.

topsheet angle view1topsheet angle 2topsheet angle 3topsheet samples


Custom Base Graphics Custom Base GraphicsSublimated on clear Durasurf ™ material of 1.3mm thickness 330mm (13") wide and backed with a bond ready white plastic from Crown Plastics.  The graphic is not as crisp as top sheet graphics, but after hot waxing, graphics are still quite vibrant.  Base material does not require acetone cleaning or flame treatment before wet layup.  Ready out of the box.  Turnaround time to ship can be as quick as 4 days.

basegraphic angle view1basegraphic angle 2basegraphic angle 3

base graphic


Upload / Mail:   After completing your payment, Paypal will redirect you to the CODA graphics upload page where you may upload your graphic file directly to our server.  Snowboards and skis are much larger than a letter-size sheet of paper or photograph, and, accordingly, a high resolution graphics file large enough to cover the top of a board or ski will be quite large, even at 300 dpi.  You may compose your graphic at much higher resolutions, but a 170cm x 25 cm image at 1200 dpi could easily reach gigabytes in size, uncompressed.  With files so large, upload transfers may take some time, even with a fast connection.  If you prefer, you may send a CD-R or DVD+/-R by snail mail, instead.  Contact us for details.

color space

colors space:


DPI (dots per inch):


Work in CMYK, convert to RGB, save, upload to us. This will yield the most predictable color outcome.
Like any printing house, we print what you send us.


200dpi, at least.  Lower resolutions will look fuzzy.  Higher resolutions may take a long time or fail to upload.
300 dpi or greater recommended.

Using an archive application like Winrar, 7zip, or Winzip to compress large files can reduce upload time.

bleed & layers: Flatten all layers, no transparency, bleed your graphics to the edge.  Topsheets and designs will shrink slightly during the sublimation transfer.

Do and Don't

example sizes:

sizing:   dimension examples/recommendations at 300 dpi
model print dimensions in cm. pixel dimensions at 300 dpi
  width length width length
V-O 33 178 3898 21023
V-O-XL 33 193 3898 22795
V-2-10 33 178 3898 21023
V-2-9 33 178 3898 21023
V-2-SM 33 159 3898 18780
V-3 33 178 3898 21023
Powder Monster 33 198 3898 23386
Sideways snowboard 33 174/166 3898 20551/19606
Half-V skis 33 193/178 3898 22795/21023
Il Lupo skis 33 176 3898 20787
V-J see the templates page for recommended sizing
Working on a 300dpi image of this size is not recommended for old, slow computers.
Please Note: While we cannot guarantee exactly hitting pantone colors, we usually get pretty close.  Vector based art is acceptable, as long as it arrives a format we can open and process.

Design elements intended to match the edges of the board will be problematic.
For example, designing a border to run a 2 cm. wide ring along the perimeter of your board will probably turn out poorly.  Plan any text or signage to layout an adequate distance from the edges of the board or skis.  We'll try to review your graphic and advise you of any such oversights.
     Typically, expect a 2-3cm. contraction in the length of your design, and a .5cm shrink in the width.  We recommend designing your graphic 8 cm. longer than your board length, and 4 cm. wider than its span.  Our templates have already factored this change into the board masks and outlines.

template illustration

Branding: In most circumstances, we ask that CODA name branding appear on the boards and skis we fabricate.  If you are placing a custom topsheet-only order, then CODA branding is not necessary.  You won't be building a CODA board.

Board templates and various samples of the CODA name logo, the CODA symbol, and the CODA carver insignias appear on the template page.


Privacy Notice
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