CODA Branding
Graphic Masking Template

Image Editor

To prepare an original design, you will need an image or layout editor such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, or Coreldraw.  Gimp is a free, open source image editor similar to Photoshop.  It is available for free download at

Templates for building your own graphics

When you are building your own graphic images, you need to make sure that the image is sized properly.  Make your canvas no more than 14" wide and then the height should be about 4" longer than your graphic.  For example, for skis or a board that are to be 170 cm, make the height about 72".

Here are .png files for:

Save the file you need and open it in your Image Editing software and scale it to the length of your board or skis, and then use it as the top layer while you work.

Make sure to hide this masking layer before you flatten your image and send it to us.

CODA Branding

In most circumstances, we ask that CODA name branding appear on the boards and skis we fabricate.  Our logos, which are not required, but are available to use in your design, include the CODA monocarver, snowboard carver, and ski carver insignias, as well as the coda symbol.

The links below offer some various CODA name options plus the CODA logos for use in your custom design.  By using the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or encapsulated postscript (.eps) vector graphic files you may avoid pixilation during resizing.  We've also provided simple ".gif" images for customers who might have compatibility issues with the other formats.




While we have no objection to you designing your own version of the CODA name, we reserve the right to reject any alterations to representation of the CODA name, for our protection.  Please try us, though.  Personal customization is the heart of CODA.

If you do not incorporate the CODA name into your design, then we'll probably contact you inquiring after your preferred placement of our branding.  It is acceptable to leave the work of adding the branding up to us.  Just describe your branding placement preferences in the "instructions/comments" field of the upload page form.

Branding Logos are being added. Please contact us if you building your own graphics for your CODA product and Chad will work with you on the branding until we get this table built out.
CODA Brand Logo Logo Name .ai file link .eps file link .gif file link .psd file link
Mono Carver logo .eps .gif .psd
Snowboarder logo .eps .gif .psd
Skier logo .eps .gif .psd
coda symbol 1 .ai .eps .gif
coda symbol 2 .ai .eps .gif
coda basic .ai .eps .gif
coda impact .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 1 .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 2 .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 2b .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 3 .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 4 .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 5 .ai .eps .gif
coda medieval 6 .ai .eps .gif
coda mesquite .ai .eps .gif
coda slash .ai .eps .gif
coda smooth .ai .eps .gif
coda standard 1 .ai .eps .gif
coda standard 2 .ai .eps .gif
coda tech 1 .ai .eps .gif
coda whip 1 .ai .eps .gif
coda whip 2 .ai .eps .gif