V2-10 Monoboard


The V2-10 is the wider version of the V0

Review CODA Select graphics and type the name and number for your topsheet in the field below selecting that choice.

If you wish to create your own custom graphics then select that option and use the instructions here to insure we can use your graphic file.

You also have choices for the base of your new V2-10 monoboard.

Please review the CODA Select Graphics and type the name and number here. Or type “custom” if you are going to supply your own graphic file.

Type the number and name of the graphic you wish to have on the base, or “CUSTOM” if you are supplying your own graphic file for the base graphic.

Please tell us anything that you think is important about this order, for example your boot size if you are purchasing ProFX bindings from us.

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  • 10 meter sidecut radius
  • 170 cm. long
  • 26.5 cm. across at the tip and tail
  • 21.5 cm. across at the bindings

The extra width of the V2-10 allows for deeper carving without hitting your boots on the snow and gives extra surface area for a higher ride in powder.  The wider board does make it less quick from edge to edge than the V0, but instead encourages long, deep carves without “booting out.”

This is a carving board.  The V2-10 is the board currently preferred by most of the CODA staff and prototype beta testers.

The V2-10 offers the quick response of a CODA carving board, with good resistance to the wash out familiar to those accustomed to old-school monoski slide technique.  It performs aggressively riding bumps, chutes, and freestyle snowboard parks.  A great all mountain board.  Like all our boards, the Deep V in the back half allows the tail to sink in the powder, effectively lifting the nose and making it rock out in the deep snow as no plain tail monoski ever can.  It is built with extreme camber under foot for enhanced spring during carve transitions while a decambered nose helps with long, graceful carves.

We recommend the ProFX non-release bindings and you can purchase them with this Monoboard at discount price. We will install inserts for easy and secure mounting of ProFX bindings.  If you wish to use different bindings, please add that to the comment section and we will email to learn more about your plan for bindings.

All CODA skis and boards are individually hand-crafted after you place your order. Some minor cosmetic blemishes do occasionally surface from this hands-on process.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 13 × 3 in
Additional Info

Standard construction:  Horizontal laminate wood core, 22 oz triaxial glass, sintered base material, and the CODA hybrid cap/sidewall construction.   Perforated aluminum alloy dampening comes standard in the nose of all Coda monos.


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